20 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Plastic Surgery

Every year, millions of people undergo plastic surgery in an effort to become better, happier, healthier versions of themselves. These procedures, including everything from nose jobs, to tummy tucks, to butt implants are understandably expensive, and they also come with a great risk. The health risks of undergoing a major surgery are quite clear, but there are also intense emotional after effects. Many people who have undergone plastic surgery (especially when done to an extreme) experience regret, and often try to have surgeries to reverse their previous procedures if possible. Because celebrities tend to be quite wealthy and are also constantly scrutinized by the public, they often get plastic surgery. Here are 20 celebrities who might make you rethink wanting plastic surgery, or in some cases it might convince you it’s what you want.

Celine Dion

The Canadian crooner appears to have undergone some extensive work on her nose and chin. Hers was done quite well, however, and the result was a natural look.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag is a reality TV personality, best known for her role on MTV’s The Hills. She began her career as a normal, natural looking young woman, and now she looks like a human Barbie. If plastic was what she was going for, her surgeries were a success.