20 Of The Most Shocking Celebrity Fashion Disasters

Hollywood celebrities and personalities try to outshine each other on the red carpet by donning the most fashion-forward outfits. There’s a thin line between ‘avant-garde’ and ‘ridiculous costume’ however — and sometimes, even with a team of stylists and managers, celebrities still end up making a bad fashion decision. Unfortunately for them, paparazzi takes multitudes of photos that will immortalize their ridiculous fashion choices on the internet and media. Here are the 20 fashion disasters made by the biggest celebrities in the world.

Rihanna Looks Like A Cupcake

Rihanna has always been known to be edgy and stylish. We’re not sure if her stylist is trying to sabotage her on this one, but her flamboyant pink gown at the 2015 Grammys made her look like a cake topper–or the cake itself!

Nothing Left To The Imagination

Rose McGowan wore literally nothing but a G-string and a transparent cover-up to the 1998 MTV awards.