14 Of The Most Unique Women That Actually Exist In This World

Razor Sharp Teeth

Perceptions of beauty are also based on cultural beliefs. In Indonesia, the Mentawai tribe perceive razor sharp, dagger-like teeth as sexy. Women in the tribe undergo great lengths to file their teeth to create the pointed look. Who knows, maybe the Mentawai trend will catch on here soon.

Modern Day Rapunzel

50-year-old Asha Mandela is the modern day Rapunzel, and is proud of her long and glorious locks. She has deadlocks 19.5 ft long, with some locks measuring up to 55 ft long. Growing out and taking care of her locks is what Asha is completely dedicated to, and what do you expect? It seems like a strenuous and difficult job. Asha Mandela holds the record of having the longest dreadlocks in the world since 2008.