20 Funny And Weird Optical Illusions

Optical illusions are some of the coolest styles of art out there—from “spinning” wheels that are really stationary, to those famous shift-in-perception pictures we know from psychology classes. They have the ability to entrance us, make us say “What the–?” as we try to figure out their mysteries. Some optical illusions turn up as street art, or maybe just the way a drain is framed by bubbles as the water empties out of the sink. Here are some of those illusions, and more.

3-D Bubble Ball

You’d think there are real bubbles inside that image. But there aren’t. It’s all a drawing. But it made you look twice, didn’t it?

3-D Hose Pipe

This is one of the best 3-D art illusions: it looks like real water, coming out of an actual hose on a reel. But look again. The hose reel is drawn on the ground, just like the water.