20 Photos That Will Break Your Heart And Make You Thankful

Sometimes life gives you lemons, so that you can have some lemonade and cool off. Sometimes the best way to realize that your life isn’t so bad is to look at how bad other people have it. Life is a gift, treat it that way. Below are 20 photos that just might break your heart. Hopefully they inspire you to be thankful for what you do have and maybe even help you treat even the strangers around you just a little bit kinder.

Mom Fights Cancer

This mom, Mary Ann Manning, wanted to dance with her son at his wedding so badly that she fought cancer for 3 years to do so, and died 3 days after her dreams were fulfilled.

Shell Shock

War isn’t an easy thing and a trauma while in the field can cause shell shock. This man has a crazed look in his eye, but with all the things he’s seen who blames him?