20 Sports Photos Captured With Impeccable Timing

Timing is everything and that is especially true when it comes to catching special moments with photography. Photographs are also said to tell a thousand words, and when they’re snapped at just the right time, those thousand words are all very exciting. Great things happen in sports all the time, and they often happen at lightning speed. If a clever photographer can get a shot at just the right millisecond, they will be left with an epic shot showcasing one of the coolest moments in sport’s history. Here are 20 photos whose timing was too good to be true.

A Kick to the Face

It looks like half a fight move and half a dance move, but either way the results are hilarious…. but also probably painful.

Cartoon Football

It looks like this volleyball team had a great spike with that football, but too bad they’re on a court and not a football field.