20 Things You Probably Didn’t Catch In Your Favorite Disney Movies

Genie’s lamp in “The Princess and the Frog”

When Tiana and Prince Naveen go to visit Mama Odie for help in “The Princess and the Frog”, they find an eccentric blind woman living in a boat stuck in a tree. Mama Odie has to dig through piles of junk to help them, in the process, tossing a lamp that looks suspiciously like the Genie’s from “Aladdin”.

Mrs. Potts and Chip in “Tarzan”

“Trashing the Camp” is probably one of the most fun songs in all of Disney’s epic musical masterpieces. Did you catch, though, that in the “Trashing the Camp” scene from “Tarzan”, the tea set from “Beauty and the Beast” made a featured appearance as makeshift instruments?