20 Unbelievable Optical Illusions We Swear Aren’t Photoshopped

The human brain is an amazing thing. It has helped our species rise up above the day to day struggles of existence and to create art, culture, observe the universe, and even visit the Moon. However, as exceptional as our brains are, they aren’t perfect. For example, humans are awesome at recognizing patterns visually. This is useful in day to day life but can lead to us being tricked – easily – and even without the use of photo manipulation software such as Photoshop!

Don’t believe us? We set out to prove just that and were able to find 20 optical illusions that not only prove we can be tricked easily, but with everyday photos (sometimes carefully planned) that are completely 100% authentic! So, without further ado, here are 20 Unbelievable Optical Illusions That We Swear Aren’t Photoshopped.

Which Parent Is Holding Their Daughter?

We had to look closely at this one, but we think we figured out that the father is holding the child and the mom just happens to be leaning in. Whew! For a second there we thought the father had a strangely feminine body…

Even The Dog Is Confused

Lovers joined together in an embrace at sunset? Nope! This photo happens to have been taken at just the right moment, capturing two passing strangers as they walk past each other.